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Jim Coomer- Fire Chief

Dispatch: 248-624-3551

 Station 1: 248-624-2088
Fax: 248-624-3768

Annual Burn Permit




Open Burning of Yard Waste shall be permitted for residential use only, upon receipt of an Annual Burn Permit from the Walled Lake Fire Department, subject to the rules of this article.


Open Burning is NOT ALLOWED:

  • When the Wind Speed is above 10 MPH
  • Within 50 feet of any structure
  • On property being developed for residential or business use
  • On any road way, right of way, or safety path
  • After sunset, except for campfires
  • During droughts or City water restrictions
  • City Parks


  • Flammable Liquids: Gasoline, kerosene, starter fluid, etc., shall NOT be used to ignite or enhance the burning process.
  • Burn Site and Emissions: The fire, smoke, or particle emissions shall NOT become offensive or objectionable to affected residents, create a nuisance or a hazard, or cause obstruction to the flow of traffic. Open burning will be prohibited and the fire immediately extinguished if, in the fire official’s opinion, it is offensive or objectionable or creates a potential for nuisance or hazard.
  • Attendance: Fires SHALL be attended at all times by a person 18 years of age or older until extinguished. Provisions to prevent the spread of fire toward any structure and on-site capabilities for immediate extinguishment, such as fire extinguishers, garden hoses, water barrels, sand, or dirt, SHALL be readily available.
  • Fire Size: Piles shall NOT be larger than the following:

3 feet or less in diameter and 2 feet or less in height.

  • Fire Materials: The following materials can be burned:

Brush Only – Must be from Burn Site

Seasoned Firewood Only

  • Burning Times: Burning times shall be during daylight hours only.     

       Permit expires December 31, 2017                    


******* When Burning…Be Considerate Of Your Neighbors *******


-  Plastic / Rubber

-  Shingles

-  Grass

-  Garbage

-  Tires

-  Leaves

-  Petroleum Products

-  Furniture

-  Fiberglass

-  Treated Lumber (Wolmonized, railroad ties, etc.)

-  Manufactured Products (OSB Structure Board or Lumber)

Anything that causes black smoke or offensive odor

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