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  • Walled Lake Resident                                   $300.00
  • Non-Resident                                                $1,000.00


  • RULES & REGULATIONS:  Adopted 6-21-83


City - The term "city" as used herein shall be construed as meaning the City of Walled Lake.

Cemetery - The term "cemetery" shall mean Walled Lake City Cemetery.

Lot owner - The term "lot" or "grave owner" is intended and shall be construed to mean the owner of burial rights, the owner of burial privilege or the collateral right of use of any burial lot purchased from the City for a consideration evidenced by a Certificate of Ownership or by proved and recognized descent or devise from the original owner where same is placed on record with the Cemetery. 

Lot - The term "lot" shall include complete or partial burial lots and single graves in the cemetery.

 Director - The term "director" shall mean the Director of Public Works or his assistant or any other person in charge of the Cemetery as authorized by the City Manager.



 No owner or purchaser of any lot or lots shall sell, convey or transfer the same or any portion thereof to any person until after the City has been afforded a reasonable opportunity to purchase such lot or a part of such lot at the price for which it was sold to such owner.  All burial right transfers must be recorded with the City office and the City Clerk, for the City will not recognize as lot or grave owners, persons whose names are not recorded.



 The City holds that a burial space once used, becomes sacred ground and the City shall refuse to open the grave or disinter a body unless ordered to do so by a court having proper jurisdiction of such matters or as otherwise required to do so in accordance with State law.



All monuments and markers are to be constructed of recognized durable granite or standard bronze and certain durable grades and finishes of marble.  The City will assume no responsibility for damages in case of the stone being unintentionally chipped or marked in the regular course of lot care. 



No person shall leave any refuse in the Cemetery except as they deposit it in the places provided for same.

No firearms can be allowed on the grounds, except in the case of police or military funerals and officers in pursuit of their occupation.

Flowers, wreaths or emblems will be removed as soon as unsightly.  The City will decline to attempt finding them after being so removed.

All traffic laws of the City of Walled Lake that are applicable to the operation of vehicles in the cemetery and not inconsistent herewith shall be strictly observed.  Any person driving in the cemetery, and the owner of the vehicle so driven, shall be liable and responsible for any injury or damage done by the vehicle in the driver's charge.  No person shall drive a vehicle in excess of 15 miles per hour on any cemetery road, drive off the established roads, drive a motorcycle or snowmobile within cemetery grounds or make any unnecessary noise, such as loud talking, yelling, whistling or the blowing of horns.

Picking the flowers, breaking or injuring any tree, plant or shrub, or in any way injuring any monument, headstone, vault ornament, or other structure or property within the Cemetery is prohibited, and will, under the State law, subject the offender to a severe penalty.

Vases or urns not properly painted or otherwise cared for and such as are not filled with plants by June 25 of any year, will be removed from the sections.

Cut flowers will be allowed at any time when suitably placed.  The promiscuous planting of flowers, perennials and shrubs over the lot is extremely objectionable both in appearance and from the standpoint of proper lot maintenance and will not be allowed.  Receptacles for cut flowers should be sunk level with the ground thus insuring the safety of such articles and facilitating the cutting of grass by employees.

Glass jars or metal cans or earthen vessels or dishes will not be permitted in the Cemetery for use of bouquet holders, as they become broken and/or scattered about the lawn.

Wooden tablets, metal wreaths, baskets, tripods, boxes, easels or trellises or miscellaneous objects shall not be placed upon graves or lots.  The Management will not be responsible for loss or damage to any portable articles left upon any lot, grave or other part of the Cemetery.

No coping or fencing or other means of marking boundaries of lots or graves can be used.  Cutting or otherwise disturbing the sod is prohibited.

The planting of trees and shrubs within the limits of a burial lot must be done only with the approval and under the direction of the Director.

If any tree, vine, shrub or plant situated within a lot becomes unsightly, dangerous or detrimental, the Director shall have the right to remove the same, or such parts thereof as may be deemed necessary.

Imitation flowers, wreaths, grave decorations, "treated" blossoms and everlasting flowers, are man-made, and can never provide the same symbolism or the same beauty as natural flowers.  As they become dirty and unsightly, they create an impression of neglect, rather than remembrance.  Such so-called "Everlasting Flowers" not only become very unsightly but create a serious problem in the care and maintenance program of the cemetery in general.  For these reasons, it is not possible to permit any of these imitation grave decorations on any burial lot.

Artificial wreaths, winter wreaths and winter blankets are permitted from November 15th to April 1st.

The number of remains placed in a grave is limited to one, except that remains may be placed in a grave with the remains of a member of the immediate family.


The Cemetery shall be open from 7:00 A.M. to one half hour after sunset, and no person shall be permitted to enter the cemetery grounds other than during such hours except by special permission of the Director.

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