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Taxes & Utility Billing Forms 

                   2018 Poverty Exemption Application 

          Utility Automatic Payment Authorization      

                   Homestead Exemption Application 

State Veteran Exempt Affidavit

                   Rescind Principal Residence Exemption


                   L-4260: Property Transfer Affidavit 


                     Tax Appeal Board Application 














Department of Public Service

Device Test Form Certified backflow prevention device testers

Voting Forms

                       Voter Registration Application 

                       Permanent Absentee Application 

                       Election Inspector Application

                       Absentee Ballot (ONLY one election at a time)


City Government 

                  Board and Commission Application 

                        Employment Application 

Board and Commission Term Directory  

Complaint Form 




 Water Crafts 

    Shared Waterfront Lot Dock Use and Mooring Application                          Watercraft Registration Application


Police Forms 

                           5 - Day Notice 

                     Vacation Notification Form 

                           NSF Bad Check Worksheet 

                     Precious Metal & Gem Dealer Application 

  Solicitors Application 





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